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What is JFlightLog ?

- A java application to keep track of your flights and screenshots in FlightSimulator 2004

Features Version 0.5:

- Graphical user interface.
- HTML Export (see my world tour as export !)
- Manage flight informations and screenshots from every flight.
- Import aircraft, flightplan, distance and more  directly from FS 2004 savegames.
- Automatically grab screenshots from the system clipboard during flight.
- Statistics (Distance, flight time etc. also by aircraft)
- Small internal manual
- XML Saveformat
- Multilanguage support (english / german)
- Windows setup tool
- OpenSource

- Requires Java 1.4 or higher

Features in the future:

- Detailed reports


- Logbook with flights
- Flight informations management
- Flight screenshots management

Download JFlightLog

- JFlightLog-0.5.exe (685 KB)

Project Link for Forums, Requests, Supprt, Bugs and Development

- Project page at SourceForge

Personal contact:

- EMail


- JStart32 Java Exe Wrapper Project
- Personal homepage (german)


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